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What You Need to Know about Different Unique Features of Golf Courses

It is essential to have better understanding of the golf courses as that will help you as a player./ The game should be appealing at all times and that is why you need to know the distinct features that are available for this game. Here you will find all the information that you may want to know concerning golf courses and that is why you need to read for comprehensive details. The good thing is that you will explore the unique features and be able to discover more about golf courses.

There is link courses. This is oldest type of golf courses and it is origin is Scotland. natural terrain is the unique feature that makes this type of golf courses more unique. You need to note that natural terrain here is the natural landscape, which will be having rolling hills and few trees. There are strong coastal winds that give challenges to players and this makes it hard even short holes quite an issue.

Another type of golf courses is the parkland courses. In this case, you need to understand that this type of golf courses is inland and in more sheltered environment. It is vital to note that this type of golf courses is well recognized for the following unique features such as lush, greens and manicured fairways. As a player it is always important to have a strategic play as that will have an impact on how you will make shots despite the nature of the field.

Desert courses is another type of golf courses. The distinct feature here is that the desert courses will blend the natural desert landscape with lush fairways and greens. Because the field should be well maintained it is essential for constant irrigation as that will help to give the needed results and outcomes. You need to be well set for hot temperatures as that will be the condition out there.

Moreover, there is heathland courses. There are some similarities that exist between this type of golf courses and links courses. Ensure that you are learning more about this since it is found inland and on sandy well drained soil. There is natural vegetation that makes this type of golf courses more unique and distinct at all times. It is always essential to ensure that you are navigating the course well as that will need the player to be creative to make the right shots here.

Finally, there is mountain courses. You need to understand that mountain courses is the one of the golf courses that is well known for breathtaking views in golf. It is essential to be careful in club selection here and also the shot execution as that will help when it comes to golfing.

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